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3Si | Third Sector International
About Us

Third Sector International (3Si) is a training centre based in Seville, Spain, that is dedicated to the social, economic and cultural integration of young people across Europe.

·      We work with further education colleges and training centres

·      We place students and graduates in various career sectors for up to three months

·      Our placements are supported by Erasmus Plus grants

We have over ten years of experience in delivering programmes that seek to improve employability, develop social networks and promote cultural integration.

3Si collaborates with a range of partners to carry out its activities, including more than 200 employers in Spain and over 30 educational institutions around Europe.

We want to help young people develop the skills and experience needed to secure future employment in an increasingly demanding and international labour market. We have managed thousands of successful placements to date with many participants going on to enter further training or employment.


"This programme has definitely helped my confidence in working in another country/language and I feel like I have learned so many new skills at Lab Sevilla that I can continue using in my illustration and graphic design career. It has also been amazing for making new contacts that you wouldn’t have met otherwise"

Jennifer Spooner
Designer Assistant - LAB Sevilla

"Seeing the improvement of my students and their enthusiasm for English has been very rewarding. The four year olds learn everything so fast and it feels great to see them take in the teaching I give them. The older students’ progress is also great, watching them enjoy practising their English together and helping their conversation skills, whilst building a rapport with them makes me feel that I’m making a difference in their education"

Alexandra Cheetham
English Teacher - ONEWAY

"I have learned to be more organised in my creative process, seeking for information and help. I also understood the importance of gathering knowledge from different sources in order to make an informed decision. I get to understand better the process that goes behind the scenes in an office, how important it is to establish a network of creative practitioners and like-minded people and also focus on the ‘dry’ side of things that involves things such as sending e-mails, reaching out to people, looking for funding etc. Also, I understood how important the branding and image you use on social media is for reaching people and finding potential clients"

Claudia Petre
3D Designer - Todomuta

Our Projects

3Si offers fully supported vocational work placements to participants of the Erasmus Plus programme. We work with further education colleges and training centres to deliver projects in a range of sectors, including Catering & Hospitality; Teaching; Digital Marketing; Creative Industries; Tourism; Construction; Ecology & Community Development; and Sports & Leisure. We provide and manage placements that give participants the necessary work experience to complement their studies, build their confidence and explore a new cultural environment.

3Si also participates in research projects with partners from around Europe in the sector of vocational education and training. Our successfully completed projects include creating new European courses in Digital Media, Community Development, Creative Industries and Entrepreneurial Skills using the ECVET framework.

We perform this by leading and contributing to research projects that create new courses and enhance the methods of current vocational training.

Our research is conducted with selected partners who complement one another. Training centres, research institutes, employers and awarding bodies for vocational courses are regularly involved to ensure projects are comprehensive, evidence-based and responsive to current and future needs

If you would like to become a research partner or find out more about our projects, contact us here. 

Our Partners