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Erasmus Internship: Teacher


Have you ever wondered what your day might look like if you were teaching English in Seville?  We joined Rhian to experience a day in her life and find out more about her role.  Rhian is a fine art graduate who is teaching English at Bilingual Centre Lope de Vega on an Erasmus+ three-month placement, which is giving her great experience teaching a foreign language.

Read on to hear more about her experience and watch a day in her life:

Why did you apply to this programme?

I completed my CELTA last year and I had done a little bit of teaching in China but I wanted to get more teacher training and this seemed like a really supportive programme.  I also wanted to gain more experience within a school, so it was great to come to Lope de la Vega to have some in-class training.  Also, living in Seville for three months just sounded like an absolute dream, so why wouldn’t you apply for it?  It seemed like a brilliant programme with lots of help and guidance and events and activities.

Can you tell us a bit more about where you work?

Yeah, I work at a school called Lope de la Vega which is a kindergarten, primary and secondary school, there are about 1,000 students here. It’s an interesting school because it’s a bilingual centre and some of the classes, such as science, are taught in English too which is what attracted me to the school as it’s an interesting methodology of teaching.  I teach mostly years 4,5 and 6 with a little bit of secondary.

What’s your role at work?

I assist the teachers, help with activities and classroom management and, I prepare one or two activities per session.  I also take small groups of students out for speaking activities, to have more interactive time with the students.  Finally, I help prepare students for the Cambridge suite exam which is fantastic experience.

What do you enjoy most?

I most enjoy hanging out with the students.  I’ve not taught this age group before so it is fantastic to see what crazy creative answers they come up with to questions and problem solving, there’s a lot of energy which is great, I love it.  And the teachers here are very supportive and friendly so I feel like I can ask lots of questions which is nice.

What are you enjoying most about being in Seville?

The social life is incredible, it’s very chilled but there’s always something going on, there are lots of cultural things to do like flamenco, listening to jazz, going to the beach at the weekend, and just seeing all of the beautiful buildings, Seville is brilliant!

Do you have a favourite place to hang out in Seville?

I would have to say the Alameda, there are loads of bars, it’s always busy so that’s a really cool place to hang out, and I also like Isla de la Cartuja, where the crazy buildings are!

Watch the video to experience a day in Rhian’s life!

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