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Turing Scheme


Want to study or work abroad post-Brexit? The Turing Scheme has you covered!

Third Sector International (3Si) has been working with the Erasmus Programme since 2010. We have partnerships with further education colleges and training centres in the UK and Ireland to provide their students with quality work placements in Seville. Brexit has made an impact, but we will continue working with the UK and following our company’s philosophy of paving the way for people to pursue the career they want. So don’t be nervous about the changes brought on by the UK leaving the EU! The new Turing Scheme should have you covered.

What is the Turing Scheme?

The Turing Scheme is named after the influential British computer scientist and World War II codebreaker, Alan Turing, and is the official scheme to replace Erasmus post-Brexit. You can expect the two programmes to have a similar methodology but with a few exceptions. The first being that the Turing Scheme will allow UK organisations to send students across the globe and not just within Europe. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says:

"Now our students will have the opportunity not just to go to European universities but to go to the top universities in the world. It means our young people can experience the immense intellectual stimulation of the whole world."
Brosi Johnson
Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister

Although funding is not granted to countries beyond the UK and British Overseas Territories to send their students to the UK, it is hoped that the Turing Scheme will still encourage such exchanges as under Erasmus.

With £110 million funding put into the scheme, the hope of studying or working abroad after lockdown easing has become more promising. Universities, colleges, schools and other training organisations can apply directly on the Turing Scheme website with the hope of receiving a grant to fund placements for their students. The scheme will officially launch in September 2021- exciting!

Who can apply and how the Turing scheme works

The Turing Scheme caters to organisations in higher education, further education or vocational education and training, and schools. If you’re a student looking to study or work abroad, then keep an eye on your education provider’s news and updates on the scheme. You might be able to apply for a life-changing experience!

Like Erasmus, the Turing Scheme grant is intended to cover a student’s living expenses, accommodation and travel costs for their placement abroad. The amount you can receive will depend on a few different factors. These include the duration of the placement; the distance of from the UK; the estimated living costs of the destination country; and whether you have special requirements or considered disadvantaged. Countries are split into three groups from the high cost of living to the medium and low cost of living. Please check out the Turing Scheme website  for more information about your country of interest.

As you know, immigration has changed after Brexit for British people to live or stay in Europe. UK nationals can stay in an EU country for 90 days every 180 days without a visa or a permit. If the duration of your study exceeds 90 days, please read the guide for studying in Europe here at: Be sure to also be diligent on the necessary health and travel insurance you’ll be needing, although you should receive guidance from your education provider too. You can find UK government advice on countries around the world here.

A little bit of research is recommended! So if you want to move outside of your comfort zone and experience another culture while gaining valuable professional experience, make sure you prepare yourself by getting the correct information!

Alan Turing

A promising future

David Hughes, chief executive of the Association of Colleges, stated:

“The Turing scheme opens the world’s door to work and study placements for college students. This is an important part of ‘levelling up’ the life chances for all of our young people – whatever their background.

International mobility motivates and inspires young people to understand their place in the world, develop their life skills and build confidence and ambition. I strongly encourage colleges new to international exchanges to consider participating in Turing and hope that those who have been involved before can use this to extend opportunities for students.”

The Turing Scheme is a promising step to promote social mobility and continue opportunities for UK students to work or study abroad. Experiencing and adapting to a new country and culture is a priceless and unforgettable experience, as many of our participants have told us. We are happy that the Turing Scheme will continue to make this opportunity accessible for so many students. As Covid lockdown eases, we can be optimistic about welcoming students from the UK in the future!