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Case Study – Jewellery


Meet Nalan, Flo and Sarah who are here in Seville working with glass jewellery makers as part of a three month internship. Each of them has a very different role within the studio and we decided to catch up with them to find out more.

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Nalan is from London and is here for her three month internship with Capacity Ireland in glass making and design. Here’s what Nalan had to say about her job and her time here so far.

How did you find out about the job?

“I was working in jewellery production before in London and I was actually looking for a glass jewellery job because that’s what I want to do in the future, so when I found this role I thought it was too good to be true because I’ve been trying to get myself abroad for a while to work and study.

When this came up in a glass jewellery studio, combining all my passions into one role it was really, really cool. I’ve been learning so much, I’ve been working with the kiln glass and now starting my glass blowing training. 

they’ve asked me to stay on, so I’ll be staying on after July. And working here part-time. Very good experience.”

How are you finding Seville?

“Oh amazing. And really, really friendly people. My family’s Mediterranean, they’re from Cyprus so this is kind of a good balance for me. It’s not too far from where I grew up in London, but it’s also culturally similar so I felt really at home straight away and honestly, I’m having the best time of my life, like I’m only just starting my journey properly now. I have never felt so at home somewhere.”

3 words to describe your stay so far?

“Um, Life-changing is one word, Confidence boosting you can make that one word, and special.”


Flo is from Surrey, in England and is here on her three month internship with Capacity UK working with jewellery componants. Here is what Flo has to say about her stay so far.

How did you find out about the job?

“I found it advertised online. I thought it was a scam because I was just thinking, how is this even possible? How is this funded? How can you get money for living abroad? Then I thought because of Brexit, that it was impossible to do this kind of thing. I was just surprised to have an interview and then when I got the job I didn’t think twice.

How do I describe my job? I file and solder the base of the jewellery. I make the little metal component.”

What do you think of Seville?

“I’ve been to other parts of Spain but not Seville. I think it’s beautiful, I think there’s so much history and it’s really traditional. I love the littles back streets, you kind of feel like you’re in a movie when you walk into the street.I love the weather. I love the heat, I live for sun, I was not made to be living in the UK. “

3 words to describe your stay so far?

“Inspiring, engaging,fun”


Sarah is from Cork, in Ireland and is here on a three month photography internship withCapacity Ireland. she is working with Nalan and Flo taking pictures for the companys solcial media account.

How did you find out about the job?

“I just saw the job advertised randomly, I think it was on indeed I think, my first thought was that sounds amazing. I did research on my own and I saw the Instagram account, it just seemed like everyone who’s given a testimony has really gotten something out of it.

It’s been really exciting so far. I’ve never done an internship like this. It’s everything I would have wanted. I’m the photography intern here and I do a lot of product photography at the moment, or taking pictures of people working in the studio. They’re doing something different every day, whether it’s, making the glass or putting the jewellery together.  I do minor graphic design bits as well. I’ve done some poster designs and things like that, which is great because I’m kind of new to it. So, yeah, I feel like I’m learning constantly.”

What do you think of Seville?

“It’s really nice. I keep saying whenever I’m talking to people back home that it’s great, it has enough to do. Which is what you want from the city, but the pace of everything still feels nice and easy, even just like wandering around and on a random Saturday it’s still really chill. Seville feels like it’s got everything of a big city, but the homeliness of a town.”

3 words to describe your stay so far?

“Insightful. Exciting. And, Fun.”

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Content Writer & Photographer: Alyssa Fleming