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Case Study: Mark


Meet Mark – Photographer/Videographer here at 3si.

Mark is a 22 year old who’s recently graduated from TU Dublin in Ireland. He’s been working with us in the marketing department here at 3si the past few weeks.

He’s here as part of the Erasmus+ programme with Capacity Ireland. He has reached the halfway point of his time here in Seville, so we decided to do a case study on Mark and ask him about his experience of living here so far.

Tell us about your placement?

I’m working for 3si as a photographer, videographer & content writer, working in the marketing department specifically. I make content for their social media and website, such as blog posts and case studies. The blog posts are for interns living in Seville or people who are interested in coming here. Giving tips and recommendations on activities, places to eat and general living in Seville.

The case studies are on the interns who are currently in Seville on placement. I take their photographs and interview them about their experience of living and working here. This is my favorite part of my placement. As it allows me to meet and get to know the interns living here. They really are a diverse and varied group.

Are you finding your work placement rewarding? Have you learned any new skills?

In Ireland I found it hard to gain paid experience in the creative industry so this internship has been a great opportunity. Working in an office is a completely new experience to me and has been very rewarding. It’s been refreshing working with other creative individuals,  it’s been beneficial to be able to speak to them directly and bounce ideas off them. During college I got so used to working alone on projects alone, so working in a group has been nice.

I’ve been improving on my writing  skills through the writing of the newsletter & blogposts. The case studies have been a great learning experience. My time management and organisation skills have improved so much compared to my first week here. I am really enjoying doing the case studies of the other interns here, there’s lots of cool and interesting people to meet.

Would you like to work abroad in the future?

I think I would, the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle does seem appealing. Apparently Spain is very welcoming to this style of living and working. Ireland unfortunately doesn’t support their creatives very well and its a shame since there is so many talented artists there. But I do think that I will need to leave Ireland to pursue a creative career.

What were your expectations of Seville before coming here? 

I didn’t have many expectations, it all felt very surreal at first, like I wasn’t really going. I knew Seville was going to be hot, but I really wasn’t prepared for the heat. Quite a lot of people speak some English too which is very handy as my Spanish is not great yet. I wasn’t expecting to be as independent in my work placement as I am, but I am enjoying it.

How do you think the Erasmus programme will benefit your future? Would you recommend the programme?

I think it’s given me a good experience of another country’s culture, I had never been to Spain before so it’s been quite the adventure. I would highly recommend the programme to anyone, as it’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet many new people and gives you valuable work experience.

Any tips for future interns/Erasmus students?

Prepare for the heat, don’t pack many pairs of jeans or jumpers, you likely won’t need them. Also make the most of your time here, it goes very quick.

In 3 words summarize your experience?

Tinto, Sun, Sweat.

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Photographer & Content Writer: Kate Glennon