Entrelazar Exhibition

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On Thursday 16th March, our talented interns successfully organised and hosted an art and design exhibition ‘Entrelazar’ at LAB Sevilla. There was a great turn out and the interns were very happy with what they achieved. It was a great night for all, with live performances, music, food and drinks. The artists created amazing works […]

Ceramics in Seville

Ceramics in Seville

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When you visualize Seville, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of its historic sites such as the Alcazar or the countless Cathedrals. The bullfighting ring, or perhaps flamenco? The city’s constant blue skies and endless orange trees? There’s one part of Seville you’ll see anywhere you go, which seems to decorate any and every […]

Sustainable Fashion

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Want to do support sustainable fashion designers, or create your own clothes during your time in Seville? Check out these local businesses… Is Diaz Rosado This local business in Seville puts climate at the forefront of its creations. The business cards and bags all include seeds, which encourage you to grow something along with each […]

92 Días Exhibition

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On 29th November, a group of Erasmus+ participants organised an exhibition to show paintings, drawings, prints, animation, poetry, music and film from their time in Seville, as part of their vocational course.   The exhibition was called 92 Dias after the 92 days they spent in Seville and it represented the time they have spent here […]

Living Sustainably in Seville

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Moving to another country and experiencing a new culture can mean you need to adjust some of your everyday habits for ease.  As climate change is becoming an ever more pressing issue, it is important that your sustainable lifestyle habits are maintained or improved during this change.  But, it can be hard to know where […]

Art Galleries in Seville

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You’ve already visited the large art museums? (See our post here) Or big exhibitions just aren’t your thing?  Don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to see as Seville has an exciting emerging art scene.  There are many smaller galleries around the city with less established, but more up and coming local artists.  We have created […]