Job Interview tTps

Job Interview Tips

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Our top tips for delivering a job interview successfully. So you have been applying for jobs, confident in your CV and perhaps your portfolio, but one obstacle faces you, and that is the interview process. You are probably nervous about an upcoming interview, but no one is ever not nervous for an interview, so we […]

good habits

Good Habits for Summer Time

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Healthy habits to have over the summer We are now in summer, which means a lot of changes are occurring! But remember, a change is good. Adjusting to the summer is more than preparing for the hot weather (although that is a very exciting point). It’s also about transitioning your energy to match this vibrant […]

Work from Home

Working from Home: 11tips

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11 tips on the ways you can master the art of working from home.  Are you an Erasmus plus participant that has to work remotely during your work placement? This blog will cover everything you need to know about working from home successfully and becoming a pro telecommuter.   Since the pandemic of Covid-19 happened, […]

Spain Against ‘Fake News’

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The Government of Spain Approves a Plan Against ‘Fake News’ The government of Spain has approved an action plan against ‘fake news’. This includes monitoring information in mainstream media and potentially collaborating with news outlets to combat the “deliberate, large-scale and systematic dissemination of disinformation”. The Spanish government describes access to truthful information as “one […]