Work from Home

Working from Home: 11tips

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11 tips on the ways you can master the art of working from home.  Are you an Erasmus plus participant that has to work remotely during your work placement? This blog will cover everything you need to know about working from home successfully and becoming a pro telecommuter.   Since the pandemic of Covid-19 happened, […]

Spain Against ‘Fake News’

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The Government of Spain Approves a Plan Against ‘Fake News’ The government of Spain has approved an action plan against ‘fake news’. This includes monitoring information in mainstream media and potentially collaborating with news outlets to combat the “deliberate, large-scale and systematic dissemination of disinformation”. The Spanish government describes access to truthful information as “one […]

Digital Media

Digital Education in 2020

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The EU and the Importance of Digital Education in the 21st Century Digital media and technology are becoming ever more present in society. Dubbed ‘Europe’s digital transformation’ by the European Union (EU), countries are preparing to adapt their education systems to provide young people with the best digital education and training.  The DigiBlox Digital Media […]

Coffee Seville

Best Coffees in Seville

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We have so much information about the amazing things you can do in and around Seville, but what better to get you through a long day of exploring the city than a good cup of coffee? Due to the International Coffee Day, we’ve put together some of our favourite places around Seville to relax and […]

2020 Tourism Day in Sevilla


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Exploring new surroundings, cultures and landscapes can be a thoroughly enriching experience for the soul even during difficult times and nothing qualifies more than during the COVID-19 pandemic which has had a significant impact on the tourism industry across the globe. For this blog, we’re going to look in depth at #WorldTourismDay2020 during COVID-19 and […]

Digital Media

Digital Marketing Tips #1

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Digital Media Marketing is one of our favorite topics, nit just because digital marketing is the future of all the companies also because we are very involved in some projects related to this sector .  As some of you might know we host a program of internships in local companies of Digital Media Marketing, as […]