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Catering Internship


Saffron, Sarah and Cody are all students at Leicester College in the U.K. They are here in Seville as part of a two week catering internship. Saffron has been placed in a brunch restaurant and Cody and Sarah are working together in an Italian restaurant. We caught up with the three students to find out more about their placements and how they are getting on.

What does your work involve?

Cody: “A lot of prepping, plating dishes, just helping around the kitchen.”

Sarah: “We’ve been learning a lot about the translations for different things. We’ve been asking a lot of questions”

How is this experience going to help you in the future?

Cody: “It’s gotten me used to cooking different cuisine that I’m not used to cooking at home.”

Saffron: “It feels like I’m living here. Therefore, I can probably apply that in future areas in life”

What were your expectations coming here?

Saffron: “That it was gonna be hot, I knew that. I was expecting it to be a lot harder than it is, to get on with people and do stuff in the kitchen. It’s made me feel a bit more comfortable.”

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Content Writer & Photographer: Alyssa Fleming