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Community Coach


Introducing COCO

For the next month we have 5 members from Community Coach (CoCo) here in Seville. Coco are an organisation that focus on building the confidence, self esteem and positive lifestyles for young people through education, sports and culture. They primarily focus on supporting early school leavers to build their skills for employment through training, team building and experience working in the sports sector. This group have been working in a local tennis school shadowing coaches and getting experience as coaches themselves!  


Our Coco members are currently residing in Lebrija, where they are training each day. Less than an hour from Seville city center, this quaint little town is the perfect place to practice tennis and enjoy the local cafes and bars afterwards. It is small, with just around 25,000 inhabitants. It is on a hilltop and boasts beautiful views of the surround landscape. One of its hidden gems is Tritordeum bakery, which has won awards for it’s delicious bread! You can find them here if you are interested in trying some yourself.

The Coaches

While visiting we got to meet Brandon, Abi and Ben and witness their coaching skills. They even taught our team a couple of tricks! Kindly Aby and Brandon sat down to chat with us about themselves and tell us a bit about their experience so far.


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you were interested in this placement? 

I’m Brandon. My sending organisation is community coaching with the turing scheme. I’m currently a masters student at Cardiff University. I’m writing my dissertation at the moment and I just want to play tennis and learn a little bit more about coaching.

How are you finding your work placement? Has it been rewarding or have you learned any new skills? 

Absolutely. Yeah. It’s been incredible. The coaches here are really chilled and the kids as well. That’s what they’re really thrilled about, having an international team. In terms of our participation. Obviously the coaches do give you the option, to where to take part if you want to, and if you don’t feel too confident that that will help you. So I feel really supported here.

Would you like to continue working abroad in the future?

I’d love to. I’m always looking for opportunities to work abroad, so this placement has been a great start. I’m kind of hoping to do something in tennis, specifically in language or even diplomacy.


Tell us a bit about yourself and why you were interested in this placement? 

I didn’t really have any expectations, I didn’t know what to expect because it was so last minute. There wasn’t really time to have any expectations. So yeah, I just came in fresh, I guess, but it’s been really good. I was surprised by Lebrija. It’s quite a quiet town but it’s quite nice, actually. It’s quite easy to find your way around and walk around.

How do you think Spanish culture differs from your own?

The biggest thing we’ve been joking about is the Spanish timings are a lot more relaxed out here. So we’ll turn out kind of on time and we’ll be waiting around a little bit. So that’s probably been the biggest thing, they’re very relaxed out here. But it’s been nice to actually relax.

How do you think the program has impacted you? Do you think it has been beneficial?

It’s been really beneficial. I’ve learned so much about tennis, so much about coaching, and also, like just my own growth and confidence. I think meeting new people, moving away, living out here. So it’s good for my personal development as well as my coaching skills. So I go back home with more confidence in my coaching ability and loads more ideas and games to keep the kids entertained and engaged.

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Photographer & Content Writer: Kate Glennon
Videographer: Mark Leahy