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Creative Exhibitions


Participants who arrive in Seville with the Erasmus or Turing Scheme programme for their three-month internship program, have the chance to participate in an art exhibition, presenting their work which reflects the time they have spent in Seville. All of the interns have the opportunity to contribute with a medium of their choice. Over the years there’ve been many different art pieces made, from paintings, videos, performances, etc. Let’s look at some of the earlier exhibits and learn more about the upcoming one!

Cambio de Forma

Mark your calendars for the opening of the next exhibition which is going to take place on the 6th of July, 2023, at Gallo rojo, starting at 8pm. “Cambio De Forma” is an art exhibition curated by Erasmus students right here in Seville. Delve into a captivating exploration of metamorphosis, self-transformation, and personal evolution. You can’t miss it! Link to the Instagram here!



This exhibition was organised by the January – April Erasmus Students, 2023. The theme was “Interculturality in Sevilla”. Each participant was able to interpret this in their own way, so there was a wide variety of art creations. Check out the blog post that was created to advertise this event, showcasing most of the artists and their work. Click here!

El Estampado

This group exhibition from the April – July, 2022 students created many extraordinary artwork which included collages, vibrant paintings, ceramics, installations and many more. Since students worked in various art-related industries, they were able to fully experience the culture and make use of the facilities available through their work placements. Don’t forget to watch the video here!

92 Días

The aim of this event was to demonstrate the value of freedom and movement in the context of the uncertain political climate in Europe. By bringing young artists together, they hope to encourage empathy, connection and happiness. This was created by the participants doing their placements from September – December, 2020. Full blog post here, don’t forget to watch the video! 


An exhibition of multidisciplinary artists who depict their experience of living in Seville for 3 months. The exhibition took place in 2019, portraying the amazing work of students who were here during April – July, that same year. Previous art work can be found here

Hecho Transito

This was the very first exhibition that happened in Seville, showcasing the work of Erasmus students from September – December, 2018. The name was “Process // Product” and it took place in 2019. The participants were dedicated to different creative specialties with one thing in common: living abroad. It was the personal exploration of process and change through experience depending on the geographic context. Their instagram account can be found here!

Don’t miss out on the exhibition that’s coming up next month by following their Instagram account here

Content Writer: Veronica Zdybel