Cycling in Seville


A great option for travelling across Seville is via the cycle lanes. The city is very friendly to cyclists due to its flatness and has over 120km of cycle lanes which span across the city. There are many different options for cycling in Seville, from renting to buying.

Renting Bikes

LimeVoi,Sevici are all services which offer bikes & scooters to hop on and off any time they want. 

For an annual membership, the Sevici bike scheme allows users to use their bikes at any bike depot, they simply need their card. However, the card does take a number of weeks to arrive but users are supplied with a code to use whilst waiting for a card. However the bikes are not of great quality. They offer different plans from day to week passes, or an annual subscription of €33.

Lime & Voi offer eBikes and eScooters at rent by the minute. They are useful when you’re in a pinch and need to get somewhere quickly. They both cost about €7 per 30 mins, but offer discounted or even free rides for constant users or those with plans. Lime offers a plan which allows for 30mins free travel a session for €6 a month. However, finding the specific parking places for these services can be difficult at times.

Kleta is a shop which offers high quality mechanical or eBikes for rent, for 3 to 6 month periods. These bikes come with free repairs and an anti-theft policy. Prices range from €20 to €40 for mechanical and electric bikes respectively. The staff at Kleta are particularly friendly and approachable.

Buying Bikes

But if you’re looking for more commitment or you’d prefer your own bike, there are many second hand bike shops in Seville. They have a wide range of bicycles and offer reasonable costs. Many shops also offer a plan where you can return your bike for half the cost. 

In Maracarena, closer to your accommodation there is Recambios Alamillo & Biciletas Astolfi. Recambios Alamillo specialises in eBikes and scooters, but also offer a wide range of mechanical bicycles and other accessories. Bicicletas Astolfi focus primarily on mountain and racing biking, but they supply city bikes too.

If you’d prefer not to travel via bicycle, we run through different options for travel here.

Photographer & Content Writer: Mark Leahy