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Entrelazar Exhibition


On Thursday 16th March, our talented interns successfully organised and hosted an art and design exhibition ‘Entrelazar’ at LAB Sevilla. There was a great turn out and the interns were very happy with what they achieved. It was a great night for all, with live performances, music, food and drinks. The artists created amazing works of art which you can check out below.


Grace Halton is a photographer from County Meath, Ireland. Her love for photography began at a young age and at the age of 19, she established her own photography business, specialising mostly in family and creative portraits. She loves photographing people, and seeing the joy her photos bring to these individuals/families. I also love product photography. She has a very open, creative mind, and an immense love for art & photography.


Davina O’Shea is a graphic designer from Tipperary, Ireland. She loves working on interesting projects of all types and expanding her knowledge of the creative field. For this exhibition, she took on the role of designing the promotional material including the poster, in which she effectively captured the title ‘Entrelazar’ with her design. She also exhibited a poster series capturing her personal take on the concept and encapsulating her experience here in Seville so far.


Oana Stoica is an art lover, seduced by the Latin spirit, enjoying herself while interpreting Spanish music. She also explores her emotions, meditating in bright colours, usually through painting, but this time through coloured threads, trying to deepen the knowledge, the meaning of the concept of ENTRELAZAR.


When walking around Sevilla, it becomes obvious that tiles and ceramics are inherent features of the city’s architecture and identity. The wonderful ceramic studio Barro Azul is based in Triana, an area of the city that has long been the epicentre for the production of ceramics. After attending a workshop for tile painting, this process seemed an appropriate way to make paintings inspired by living in Sevilla and based around the exhibition theme.


Vincenzo is a photographer who likes to catch hidden moments on camera. Photography is a very important part of his life and helped him to come out from loneliness when he moved to the UK.


Isla is a scientist who likes to blend her passion for all things wild with her artwork. She specialises in watercolour and pencil, typically painting landscape and nature pieces. For her exhibition piece, she chose to represent ‘interculturality’ through her work and experiences in Doñana National Park, an area of great environmental importance for many avian species. Her work is a collage of many of the common wading birds you can find in Doñana.


Eoin is a multidisciplinary creative from Dublin. He mostly works with video and photography, but he DJ’s and produces music too. He prides himself of being a jack of all trades and master of none.


Heather Carr is an artist and curator based in Newcastle. In her paintings, she enjoys exploring elements of the natural world and colourful imagery. She is particularly interested in the physical qualities of paint as well as utilising expressive and intuitive mark-making. Her work is generally abstract, reinterpreting visual information from photographs she has taken, plein air drawings or memories of particular landscapes.


Jessica is an illustrator who loves to create cute, quirky, and colourful images. She draws both by hand and in digital formats. Her work is inspired by places she visits, people she meets, comic books, and her imagination and often includes elements of character design and nature.


Serena Anne is an artist from the UK. She creates impressionist art using acrylic and oil paints. Her passion is art and colour and she always adds a lot of colour in her artwork.


Emma is a sculptor, inspired by local habitats and nature. She is currently on a ceramics apprenticeship and has been learning different tile painting techniques. She displayed a selection of these tiles at the exhibition, which she made at BarroAzul in Triana.


Louise van der Leeden is an artist who usually works with acrylic paints and enjoys working creatively with colour. She never set out to paint anything in particular but is always drawn to plant life, the natural world and the emotions these can evoke. Painting for her is a way to unwind and untangle her feelings, she usually just paints what she feels.

Photographer, Videographer & Content Writer: Davina O'Shea