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Erasmus Case Study: Eoin


Meet Eoin!

Eoin is 23 years old, he is from Dublin and is part of the Erasmus+ programme with Capacity Ireland. He is a DCU, multimedia graduate who is working in a communication company in Seville. He loves learning about history and new cultures, while also producing electronic music from time to time. 

Tell us about your placement?

In Seville, I have been working at a marketing and communication company, where I write articles, produce videos and graphics, while also doing translation work. Generally, I write about sustainable businesses in Andalucia, flamenco and IT development. I’m given a lot of autonomy, I can choose what businesses and artists I want to write about and I’ve had the opportunity to interview multiple professionals in both English and Spanish.

Are you finding your work placement rewarding?

My time in Seville has been full of rich experiences, namely discovering my love of writing. Before coming here, I never considered writing as a career option. However, writing day in and day out, I learned to love the process while growing my writing style. As you can imagine, having articles published publicly under your own name is both an exciting and slightly terrifying experience, but overall it has been rewarding. Alongside becoming the next Hemingway, I’ve continued to develop my other media skills, namely video production and editing.

How are you finding learning Spanish?

Like all Anglophones, I thought my Spanish level was better than it was. Obviously, I could ask for “la cuenta” (the bill) and refuse “una bolsita” (a little bag) in a shop, but communicating abstract ideas was tough. When I came to Seville, I thought I’d be fluent in three months. Once again, I was wrong. Who knew that hanging around Irish and British people speaking English wouldn’t improve your Spanish? However, through daily conversations with my boss/tutor Quico, weekly Spanish classes and daily Duolingo, my Spanish has developed significantly. Truthfully, I wouldn’t say I’m happy with the level I have, but it’s all part of the process, you know?  

How do you think the Erasmus programme will benefit your future?

I think this might be one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had in my professional life. In addition to developing my media skills I have gained invaluable experience working in communications. All recent graduates know how difficult it is to find entry level positions without “un montón” of previous experience. Coming to Seville has helped me gain this invaluable work experience alongside developing my portfolio for future employers.

Your favourite thing about Seville?

One of my favourite pastimes is walking around the city centre. Traipsing through its narrow streets, marvelling at its beautiful architecture and enjoying the springtime aromas. I’m genuinely going to miss walking through Seville. Experiencing the beating heart of a totally unique city every time I step out the door.

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Photographer & Content Writer: Veronica Zdybel