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Erasmus testimonies: Kirsty

Case Study Kirsty

Last week we said goodbye to all our Erasmus Plus participants that started their 3 months internship projects in September. We would wish project lasted longer and although we know this, every period we have the same feeling: Time flies!

Today we wanted to introduce you all to Kirsty, she is a participant from B3st (Brighton Third Sector Training)  that  has been assisting us at 3Si in business development area, doing research, and in marketing department by writing contents (Actually, some of the content that you read lately were wrote by her!) We will miss her!

How does Seville compare to your expectations of what it would be like?

I was surprised at how metropolitan some of the central areas feel! The city has a lot of original and traditional looking architecture, so it almost feels strange to see shops like H&M and Pull and Bear in the city centre. There’s also way more to do here than I thought, which we’ve definitely been discovering since the new restrictions came in.

What did you find easiest about moving to Seville?

Coming with the other interns made making friends so easy. Everyone’s in the same position and eager to get to know each other, so even after the first couple of days it felt as though I had a support system around me. It’s great that everyone lives in the same area too, because it allows you to explore and discover the local area together.

What did you find hardest about moving to Seville?

Carrying my rucksack up four flights of stairs when we arrived!! I honestly can’t think of anything about this experience that I’d describe as difficult, it’s been such a great experience overall. 

What has been your highlight of the trip so far?

My favourite part of moving here has been all of the trips we did before the new Covid restrictions came in. We spent a weekend in Portugal, went to the beach in Cadiz and stayed overnight, and went on a hike in Sierra Norte national park. Since we’ve had to stay in Seville more recently, we’ve been discovering new gems the city has to offer.

What are you most looking forward to doing whilst you’re here?

 Now we’re two months in, I think I’ve ticked most things off of my bucket list (other than the other cities we want to explore). We went paddle boarding recently, which was great fun, but I’d love to try kayaking before it gets too cold!

Tell us a little bit about what you do – which work placement are you on and what is it like?

I’m doing a business development and marketing internship here at 3Si. I spend two days a week on business development projects, which mostly involves doing research and writing blog posts, and two days a week with the marketing team, where I contribute to the social media strategy and help to coordinate the blog too! 

Are you finding your work placement rewarding? If so, why?

Yes, I feel like I’m learning a lot and refining my skills on this placement. It’s great to get feedback on my work so I can learn and improve.

How do you think the Erasmus+ programme will benefit you in the future?

I think having experienced living abroad for the first time is going to benefit me immensely, both personally and professionally. I feel like my confidence to try new things and go new places has grown, and I hope that Seville is the first on a long list of places I live and work. Professionally, I think it’ll look great on my CV, both to have the work experience itself and the fact that it was done abroad! I think there is also added credibility due to the fact that Erasmus is such a well known programme.

Would you recommend the Erasmus+ programme to others?

Definitely! I’ve already been recommending it to my friends back home.

What would be your advice for future interns?

Don’t be afraid to try new things – you might discover something that you never knew you loved. Also, if you want to stay in Seville or keep travelling after the internship, make sure you start planning in advance, the time goes by so quickly!

In 3 words, can you sum up your time on the programme here in Seville so far?

Fun, exciting, freeing.

If you want to read more stories like Kisrty’s  you can check out our other students stories by visiting our blog . We’re looking forward to welcoming our next cohort of Erasmus+ participants to Seville in January – follow us in Instagram and Facebook for more amazing stories!