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Erasmus Testimonies: Rebecca

Erasmu testimony

Meet Rebecca, she is one of our current Erasmus+ participants from Red Ochre.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing her about her experience teaching English at OC Languages, a local language school in the heart of Seville. 

OC Languages is a language school with an inclusive teaching method that caters to every individual’s needs, aligning closely with Rebecca’s philosophy of sharing her language knowledge with different people.

With Rebecca’s passion for travelling and the ability to use language to build connections to others, her placement at OC language perfectly matches her natural flair and enthusiasm for teaching.

Having attended classes to learn french prior, she is familiar with a classroom setting and to be in the students’ shoes, allowing her to understand their needs with compassion!

Erasmus at OC Languages

Rebecca’s Interview

Hey! I’m Rebecca from Ireland. In a past life, I was a Fine Art student, specialising in painting! But, it was my experience learning French while living in Switzerland that first turned me on to the idea of teaching English. I took evening classes twice a week in an academy just like OC, and I have to say, it was great fun. I love traveling and being able to communicate in new languages, so why not help others to learn mine!

Tell us about your teaching placement at OC- are you getting the experience you are looking for?

I was very nervous ahead of my placement at OC. I’d never planned and taught a class before! But it’s been exactly what I needed to kickstart my teaching career. I feel like I’m growing in confidence every day.

What is your favourite aspect of teaching at OC?

I love how adaptive they are here at OC. They really try to provide the best solution to fit every students’ particular needs, which is great for me as a trainee teacher because I get a wide variety of experience in different types of classes.

Is your experience at teaching English abroad what you were expecting?

I really didn’t know what to expect before I arrived, but I think it has been a very valuable experience so far. Following my initial period of observing other teachers, I’ve been given a lot of freedom to plan and deliver my own classes.

Do you think your teaching experience at OC will benefit you in your future career path?

Yes. I think it’s given me a stepping stone into the world of English teaching, and I’m extremely glad to have taken part in the programme. Only problem is – I don’t want it to end!

Rebecca at OC Languages

What is your favourite spot in Seville? What aspect would you highlight of Erasmus life in Seville?

Well, obviously the Parque María Luisa and Plaza de España are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the whole area around the Cathedral too. We spend a lot of time on the many terraces surrounding the Alameda too. But, I think my favourite spot in Seville is the rocking chair on my 7th floor balcony in the Macarena, where we live. I love to watch the commotion in the streets below as I eat my breakfast in the morning!

The highlight of Erasmus life has been the experience of living and working here in Seville, and getting to feel more like a local everyday. I’ve met many really cool people through the programme and the many intercambios (language exchanges) I’ve attended since arriving.

What are on top of your to-do list before the end of your Erasmus?

It’s CV time! I need to plan what happens next! Hopefully if I get a job….the adventure will continue!

Erasmus experience

The summary

Rebecca’s outlook and attitudes have helped her fit in to Seville and OC perfectly, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

We are glad that this experience fulfils both her professional and personal interests in teaching, travelling and human connections. We wish Rebecca the best for the rest of her adventure here in Seville.

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