Tips: First Days in Seville


Your first couple of days in a Seville can be overwhelming, meeting new friends and finding your away around a new city. This guide was created to give useful tips that can help you find your feet and start your adventure here with ease.


There are lots of local grocery stores in La Macarena. Lidl is one of the largest and a great option for buying breakfast, lunch and dinner supplies for the week. They also stock toiletries for any extra items you may have forgotten to pack. Other local options include Costco which is a large wholesale chain. Mercadona, a large grocery store which also has hot meals available as an option for lunch or dinner when you don’t want to cook! Dia and Supermercados El Jamón are small corner grocery stores you can use when you only need a couple of items to skip the large queues at the bigger supermarkets.

There are also small local options to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. This is also a great way to support local businesses in your new area! 

Remember that grocery stores are closed on Sundays in Seville, therefore buy anything you may need on Saturday!


For towels, sheets, lunchboxes and really anything you may need to settle in, this local market (El Dragon Volador) stocks items at a very affordable price. Expect the quality to match the price but it is a great option to pick up supplies for your home for a low cost. There is also Ikea, Zara home, and many independent unique stores in the city if you want to pick up some higher-quality items.

Bus System

Buses are an accessible and affordable option to get around Seville on your first couple of days while you organise your bike or walking routes around the city. You can buy a bus ticket from the driver or get a bus card and add money to it from local kiosk shops. Additionally, you can add money to your card online. Buses are also a safe option for returning home at night time if you are in the city, as they offer late night buses. You can find information on bus tickets and routes here. Or you can download the Tussam app to your phone.

Bikes in Seville

If you’d prefer to cycle across the city, there are many options In Seville from buying to renting bikes or scooters. We’ve written an article about all these options here, be sure to check it out!
Photographers & Content Writers: Kate Glennon