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First Impressions


Meet Alex, Xeanthe and Wayne. They are part of our new intern group from the Brighton Third Sector Training  organisation. They have spent the last three weeks working as Assistant Project Coordinators at our 3SI office as part of their work placements.

To find out more about their stay we decided to ask them a few questions about their Spanish classes, Seville and experience of living here so far.

Spanish Classes

As part of the Erasmus/Turing experience, we provide Spanish classes to our interns to give them an opportunity to learn a new language or advance in the one they currently know.

 We asked Xanthe what she thought about the Spanish classes and this is what she said: “I’m really enjoying the Spanish classes. The teacher is so lovely and really good at giving us all the confidence we need to improve. I’m trying to practice around the city as well by going to intercambios and different local events. I think I’m improving, slowly. 


We asked Wayne about his favourite place in Seville. To which he answered: “I think staying in La Macarena, cause you have a good blend of the local community.”

“I brought my basketball here too, so when we’re living in La Macarena I go to different basketball courts and that’s where I interact with lots of the local kids. Playing basketball and stuff which is quite sick. Obviously, I can barely speak any Spanish and they barely speak any English, so it’s kinda like a hand gesture sort of conversation, but that’s really what I wanted to experience.”

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Videographer & Photographer: Alyssa Fleming
Content Writer: Veronica Zdybel