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Good Habits for Summer Time

good habits

Healthy habits to have over the summer

We are now in summer, which means a lot of changes are occurring! But remember, a change is good. Adjusting to the summer is more than preparing for the hot weather (although that is a very exciting point). It’s also about transitioning your energy to match this vibrant season but doing it healthily and sensibly. In this blog, we will provide you with some healthy habits to pick up on for the summer so that you can be the best version of yourself that you can be!

1. Drink lots of water & stay hydrated

It goes without saying that the summer heat will wear your body off, so it is crucial to keep hydrated and energised. If you don’t already have it, invest in a good eco-friendly water bottle and make it your habit to carry it everywhere you go. That way, you always have water on you! Just don’t forget to give yourself a big gulp every so often, especially during the hottest hours here in Seville between 15:00 to 18:00.

2. Reduced screen time & head outside!

We have just gradually been stepping out of lockdown, so this is the moment to drop that phone, tablet and laptop screen time to replenish your soul by going outside! I am sure most people have been tired of seeing the same four walls of their room, but now you have the options to get away from that. Go on walks and hikes and explore to your heart’s content! There are plenty of beautiful parks in Seville, such as the Parque de María Luisa.

3. Protect your skin!

The skin is the largest organ we have, and we have only got one of it to look after for the rest of our lives. Make sure you are wearing sunscreen constantly when your skin is exposed to the summer ray. Choose an SPF factor for 30 or higher and try to re-apply every two hours. Also, apply it very generously and liberally to guarantee to cover every spot. Also, don’t solely rely on sunscreen. Yes, everyone wants their tan for the summer, but it is essential to sensible do so. Don’t use oil out in the sun and have appropriate clothing to put on and off, not constantly expose to the sun. It can extremely get hot here in Seville!

4. Know when to take a break

With all the excitement of the freedom that comes with summer, it’s easy to take a break. Yes, we encourage you to fill yourself with soul replenishing activities now that the weather’s good, but we also advise you to find a balance and not exhaust yourself physically and mentally. Are you physically drained from all the summer venturing? Then get yourself a good book and relax in your own home or garden to recharge yourself.

5. Eat breakfast daily

Breakfast, AKA the most important meal of the day, is even more crucial over the summer. Do you have a lot of plans for your summer day? Well, you will definitely need to fuel your body with energy from breakfast and maintain your body’s metabolism. Go for a rich fibre and protein-filled breakfast, like oatmeal and yoghurt and low sodium cereal.

6. Morning workout

Nothing recharges you than a good workout! However, we would advise you to do morning workouts in the summer. This is so you can avoid the mid-day sun so that you can maximise your session’s productivity and not have the sun’s heat tire you out. So get into your morning workout routine to increase your metabolism and pump your endorphins to get you ready for your summer day!

In conclusion:

I hope you are excited for the summer as we are and that you have found these tips helpful to prepare for the season. Have fun and Replenish yourself because we all deserve it after a lengthy and inevitable lockdown. But remember, to still be sensible to the appropriate situation and take care of you! More ideas in 3Si Blog!