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IT Skills Experience

Xcentrik IT group

Our Turing Scheme participants  from XCentrik Services are a group of young people who came from the UK in search of an adventure in another country and had the opportunity to spend two weeks honing their IT skills in Seville. In their first days, they discovered enchanting places in nature, strolled through the streets and contemplated their expressive art.

Teaching IT course

IT Course

During their time here, the group stayed busy with a series of courses where they developed their IT skills using WordPress, Canva, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as improving their communication skills. This experience provided them a better use of practical tasks using these softwares and doing some research around the city, thus being able to understand the different dynamics of it, such as tourist sites, routes planning, information about different places and exploration of curiosities.


With regard to the courses taught, they first started with the web creation section, identifying the steps to follow when building a website, where some graphic design material was explained. The second day continued with the graphic design theories, deepening their knowledge about how and where designers find their inspiration and ideas. 

In the following days, the participants had to draw conclusions associated with the material and tasks developed.

IT Course

Cultural Activities

On Fridays, there was space to attend cultural leisure activities and Spanish classes organised by 3Si. During the following week, the group started their understanding of Microsoft Office programs, where they spent two days beginning their exploration of the Excel program, since it is a complex subject and requires greater attention as well as the development of individual activities.

Xcentrik course

Communication Skills

The last two days were reserved specifically for PowerPoint, which, while being a better-known program, still has some hidden functions that deserve to be mentioned and identified for vocational use. The final part of the course challenged students to put all their knowledge into practice, resulting in a creative and personal presentation, that they have to give to the rest of the class.

Xcentrik in Las Setas

Towards the end of the stay, the group visited Las Setas monument in the centre of the city where some photos were taken to remember their happy moments in Seville. 

We capture the essence of their great attitude in a short video where they talked about their experience in Seville and even their newly learnt Spanish skills. 

Everyone involved in the experience loved their time in Spain, not to mention that, if they had the chance, they would stay longer to learn more and even work.

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Photographer & Content Writer: Carolina Serralha
Videographer: Jane Shirley