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Job Interview tTps

Our top tips for delivering a job interview successfully.

So you have been applying for jobs, confident in your CV and perhaps your portfolio, but one obstacle faces you, and that is the interview process.

You are probably nervous about an upcoming interview, but no one is ever not nervous for an interview, so we are all on the same boat here! But remember, being a little nervous is okay. It just shows that you are determined to get the job.

But it is worth knowing some tips and pieces of advice to give you an advantage before going into that interview. Here, we’ll give you some tips to boost your chances of getting that job you have had your eyes on.

Research on the company and its culture

Right of the forefront, you must research the company’s background and culture. This is for you to personally know if the company matches what you are looking for and whether you are a good fit for them, and vice versa. Once you have done your research and established that you would match the company’s culture, it will be easier to convince and show the interviewer why you will fit in perfectly. The interviewers will ask you questions to see if you have done your research, and you must show that you have.

Practise sample questions before your interview

One of the most reliable methods to reduce nervousness is to prepare how you will answer questions thrown at you. This way, you can roughly formulate the best answers for each specific questions and get all your points across. Each interview and roles are different, but you can research and predict possible questions that may pop up and work from there. Remember that there is such a thing as over-preparing. Use your prepared answers as a rough guide, but don’t let it restrict you and make your answers robotic. Connecting with the interviewer is everything, and unfortunately, you won’t convey your personality by being a robot.

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Dress accordingly to what’s appropriate for the interview

Every job and interview style will have different expectations on how you should dress, but regardless you must look presentable to give off an excellent first impression. For example, a banking company will expect a head to toe formal dress code, while a design company may only expect a smart-casual dress code. Do your research and make an effort on picking what to wear. Your demeanour and presentation will indicate how professional you are, so make sure you get this right.

Mind your lighting and the placement of your laptop.

Nowadays, online interviews are more common than you think due to the global pandemic. The pro is that you don’t have to travel to a company physically, and you can find more comfort in taking your interview in a familiar environment (your home).

However, it is your responsibility that the way you present yourself on a laptop screen is professional and works within your favour. Make sure you are in a lit room and avoid backlight so that the interviewer can see you clearly. Be mindful of your background, making sure to remove anything that will distract the interviewer.

Keep a glass of water close.

It’s most likely that you will be speaking a lot to answer all the given questions. The interviewer will not expect a superhuman that doesn’t need to pause or stumble a little bit throughout the interview. However, they will expect a normal human being to connect with, who might need a sip of water to pace themselves or get back on track in the interview.

Be personable and keep positive energy to connect with the interviewer. Match their energy.

As I had mentioned before, being a little nervous is okay, as it shows that you are keen on getting the job. But an emphasis on ‘little’ because you shouldn’t let your nervousness affect your communication to the interviewer and diminish any positive energy you need to carry through the interview. Be personable and friendly, and don’t see your interviewer as an adversary but rather another person you are trying to connect with. Try to match their energy and respond accordingly to give a good impression.

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Show interest and passion in the role.

You are one of the few people who got shortlisted for the interview process. There is nothing worse than showing the interviewer a lack of passion and desire for the job, especially when the many rejected candidates could have shown potentially more interests in the role if you lack that drive. So make sure you go in there and show them why you love this field of work and why it makes you a strong candidate!

Never talk poorly about your previous employers.

Remember to maintain positive energy throughout the interview, and talking poorly about your old employers isn’t doing that. If you are talking bad about your old workplace, then you will do the same with your new company, or at least this is the impression you are giving to the interviewer. Instead, if the conversation of your old employer is brought up and you didn’t have the best experience with them, tell the interviewer all the positive things you have learnt.

In conclusion:

An interview is always out of everyone’s comfort zone, and that’s why it makes people nervous. But remember that you cannot grow without stepping outside of your comfort zone, so push yourself and prepare well for your next interview. It could lead to a wonderful new career journey for you, making it all worthwhile. We hope these tips are helpful, and we wish you the best of luck for your upcoming interviews!