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Music Production: JIF


JIF is a group of young people who came to Seville to learn more about music, in terms of producing, putting on shows and events. The students spent two weeks during which they had prepareed an event in Sala X! This gave JIF the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge into use. This is how it turned out!


The students at JIF had an amazing time, as they worked with a DJ Breeve, who came from England especially for the event. Having someone who has been in the industry for a while now, was a great experience, as the students were able to learn and ask him questions, which only helped them to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the project at hand. Many students enjoyed having DJ Breeve there, as it helped them imagine what it’s like to be in the music industry and how exciting it is!

The X day

The event at Sala X turned out amazing! As there were lots of decorations and balloons all in the theme of ‘Love’, planned for Valentine’s Day – 14th February. Overall, the event looked really good, with all the lights and good music! It was a great experience for the students to understand the preparation and hard work that goes into preparing an event in terms of both producing the music and marketing the event.

Experience in Seville

JIF Students loved their time here in Sevilla, as it gave them an insight into the music industry and the skills required to produce and host events. This experience has helped them to understand music in general, as well as learning the culture and the different styles of music in Spain. Music is a huge part of Seville, especially Sevillana and flamenco, which is a type of folklore, but not forgetting about techno, electro music, rock and many more genres. 

Videographer & Photographer: Jane Shirley, Davina O'Shea
Content Writer: Anna Akel