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My Internship: Photoblog


My work endeavours to capture the environments in which I live. An internship in Seville was the perfect opportunity to continue this style of practice in new and unfamiliar surroundings. As well as challenging myself and exploring new concepts I want find out how I can relate some of the concepts and ideas that I work with within my photography to Seville. 

The language barrier has made it difficult to pursue my usual style of photography. I always try to communicate with members of the local community and build a relationship with them before taking their portraits or images of the urban landscapes surrounding them. Not being able to do this has meant I’ve had to take on a new approach to photography. 
I have decided to take the stance of an outsider, observing a new city. I roam around the winding roads following whatever path takes my interest, not knowing any particular direction I’m heading. This gives me the freedom to discover new areas, particularly residential neighborhoods apposed to tourist areas which I may have not found otherwise.
My first set of images are representative of my time adapting to life in Seville. Leaving my home in busy, overcrowded London to a slow paced and relaxed environment. I have not yet discovered a particular photographic theme in Seville, however I’m sure this will develop over the weeks as I learn more about the city, people and culture.
My aim for the next shoot is to figure out a niche concept and find a way of communicating with the subjects I am shooting to gain a greater understanding of the community I am living among, I’m hoping this will help me rediscover my usual style of photography.  For now, I am purely settling in, exploring the city, seeing the results I get and learning as I go.
Daniel Harrington is a documentary photographer originally from North London, has come to Seville to take part in a 3-month Erasmus funded internship in Social Media, hosted by 3Si. His main role includes photography-based work.  

Check his web site if you want to learn more about his photography.