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Next Steps: Career Prep


So what’s next?

As the end of your placement nears, it is normal to be anxious about your next move, but worry not! Today we are going to run through some steps to prepare you for the next steps in your career.

If you begin your preparations in advance you are more likely to have your next position lined up when your placement here ends so you can continue to stay on comfortably. Or if you are going home or moving elsewhere you can arrive with ease knowing you have started the groundwork for your next career move.

Update Your Skills

As you have almost completed your placement and hopefully picked up new skills or mastered those you already have, it’s time to update your resume! 

First, sit down with pen and paper and write down every possible thing you can think of that you have done on your placement here. There is obvious skills, for example, if you were hired as a digital marketer then that will be the first on your list. Yet often, there are many you have acquired that you may not have considered

Helping your boss organise a system to make something in their shop run smoothly: problem solving, serving on a shop floor: customer service, assisting in craft classes: teaching. These are all examples of amazing skills to have on your resume, so reflect on what you have learned and do not overlook the skills you have gained!

Research on LinkedIn those in your professional field, or those you aspire to be like. What skills do they have? If there are skills you do not have, another option for updating your skills is learning them through courses on Domestika or Skillshare. These sites are specifically made for learning skills and are created by people in the industry themselves. So whether it’s video editing or how to run a successful Instagram account, you will find what you’re looking for. You can then add these to your CV also. 

Now it’s time to consider what is the best venue for advertising yourself. Curriculum Vitae, LinkedIn, Website, a Portfolio? There are so many options. Consider your profession, and what is best suited to that field.

Consider your target location

As your time on your placement in Seville gets closer to wrapping up you must make the big decision of returning home or taking a leap of faith and staying on in Spain. Wherever you choose to settle next, it is important to understand how to network in that location.

Begin your research in advance to be sure the location is right for you. Work opportunities, average salaries and living costs must all be considered to make sure this is the right choice. 

When you are certain about your location begin networking to make sure you have others to learn from and work within your field. Begin sending your resume or portfolio to potential clients and subscribe to any websites that advertise jobs in your field in this area.

We hope you have learned something from this guide and are feeling motivated to begin updating your resume or portfolios. Why not check out our other career help posts such as for more inspiration. 

Content Writer: Kate Glennon