3Si | Third Sector International

Community Development & Ecology

Students will have the opportunity to work alongside local organisations aiming to develop self-sufficient communities or advance research in conservation and ecology. The region of Andalusia offers a wonderful environment to develop a unique set of skills and understand community engagement. Working with people of different nationalities and backgrounds will be a great asset for a student looking to progress a career in this sector. 

Our partners in this programme work in a range of fields, from environmental justice and consumer rights to managing food banks for the disadvantaged.

Doñana Biological Station

Our main partner in ecology and conservation, Doñana Biological Station (EBD), is a prominent public research institute linked to one of the most important natural protected areas in Europe, Doñana national park. Their mission is to conduct multidisciplinary research aimed at better understanding how biodiversity is generated, maintained and damaged. EBD also investigates the consequences of its loss and the chances of its preservation and restoration. 

Communicating their research to the public and engaging with various stakeholders is a vital part of the organisation. Students will have the opportunity to assist researchers and specialists in a variety of scientific and conservation projects.


“To be honest, my expectations have been exceeded. I have a lot of support and understanding from my supervisor. I have learned a lot since arriving here, in terms of the content of organic and sustainable food growing but also in terms of Spanish. My supervisor is very supportive and thoughtful whilst giving me an opportunity to challenge myself and learn through practicality.”
Asia Pryjda
Ecologistas en Acción
“I am finding my placement rewarding for a number of reasons, I have got to see some really interesting places, natural parks/nature reserves and learnt a lot about the ecosystems and how to identify different species, I’ve been able to apply what I know now through the work here. Also culturally being able to do research in a different country, seeing how they work etc.”
Caroline Dykstra
“I have been working at EBD which is a research station, specifically we have been looking into crayfish behavioural studies/analysis, looking into their tendencies and behaviour via watched 36 hours of crayfish footage, we have been dissecting them for the digestive track and stomach, using it then in the lab looking at the micro bio and bacteria using a flow cytometer to measure this. We have also visited doñana collecting crayfish for study purposes, spending 2 nights observing and collecting data for our lab work.”
Ainsley Dwyer