3Si | Third Sector International

Construction & Trades

The construction industry represents a cornerstone of the Andalusian economy and, with the industry on the rise, there’s no better time to gain valuable international work experience within the sector. Seville and its surrounding towns have experienced enormous growth in recent years and this is in part due to the success and size of its construction industry. The region offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about construction and trades in a new cultural environment.

3Si work with a number of leading construction and trades companies, organising placements for vocational learners primarily through our sister office in Lebrija, Seville. Students will be able to put their vocational training into practice under the supervision of skilled tradespeople.

What to expect

  • Develop skills in a variety of trades, including carpentry, construction work, electrical wiring, masonry and plumbing
  • Reach proficiency using various tools, machinery and equipment
  • Value working in an international team


"They get to use the skills that they are going to need in the future for a job"
Luis Pinero
3si Coordinator
“I am much more confident in myself now, having the insight how to a real company works, what the guidelines are and crucial for me to see how a real work day is at an architecture is which has been eye opening, I think now I will be able to lead my own team now due to the confidence I’ve built here, has working freelance doesn’t give you this experience working with a team etc.”
Nedzhmie Yusufova