3Si | Third Sector International
Creative Industries

The Creative Industries to one of the most promising sectors in the European economy. Within Seville’s dynamic creative sector, modern design studios and galleries mix with traditional ceramics and tile-making workshops. Students on our programme have the opportunity to gain practical experience in one of many placements, from pottery or glass workshops to film or graphic design studios. Positions in architecture firms are also available, offering students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and learn about the industry in Spain from award-winning professionals.

We believe that all our creative placements provide a new cultural experience and invaluable insight into a flourishing sector.

What to expect

  • Practical creative experience in various fields of the sector
  • Tasks could include: ceramics work, graphic design, illustration, gallery curation, 3D modelling
  • Understand how successful creative enterprises work
  • Collaborate with professionals in a new cultural context


"Getting to know what each brand needs has been instrumental in giving me experience in a marketing role and working on the food here in Spain is very exciting"
Ben Daniels
“I have learned to be more organized in my creative process, seek for information and help. I also understood the importance of gathering knowledge from different sources in order to make an informed decision. I get to understand better the process that goes behind the scenes in an office, how important it is to establish a network of creative practitioners and like-minded people and also focus on the ‘dry’ side of things that involves things such as sending e-mails, reaching out to people, looking for funding etc. Also, I understood how important the branding and image you use on social media is for reaching people and finding potential clients"
Claudia Petre
“This programme has definitely helped my confidence in working in another country/language and I feel like I have learned so many new skills at Lab Sevilla that I can continue using in my illustration and graphic design career. It has also been amazing for making new contacts that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
Jennifer Spooner
LAB Sevilla
“The placement has definitely been a good step towards what I want to do in my career and has taught me so many useful things about working in-house at a production company. The placement has definitely taught me skills that I can carry on to my future work in London.”
Lia Gomez
La Claqueta
"This is a really important experience for me because I feel like these particular opportunities don't exist back in Ireland and I'm learning so much here which I can definitely bring back home to Ireland. I really want to pursue a career in the arts, particularly in curating.”
Rachel Botha
Galeria Alarcon Criado