Seville’s Best Vintage


Planning on doing some shopping during your time in Seville? Why not try some sustainable options and explore the vintage stores nearby La Macarena! Have an afternoon out with friends rummaging in the gems of these quirky stores. All are located within a 15-minute walk of each other and interspersed with coffee shops and restaurants to have a bite to eat in between shopping.

Wonder Vintage

This large spacious store has got something for every style, particularly if you are looking for something comfortable to wear while exploring the city streets on foot or bike. This store has you covered with plenty of comfy dungarees, jeans and fringe jackets to keep you warm while looking cool. It also has a changing room to make sure your piece is the right fit before your purchase.

Jueves Seville Vintage

If you love spending time hunting for that perfect piece, you will love this fun space. This store is very small and compact, with lots of jackets, shirts and accessories lining the walls, it will be hard to leave this store without picking up something great! Be sure to check out the back of the store for vintage boots and bags. They don’t offer a closed changing room due to the little space, but they do have mirrors to try on items in the store.

Antro Vintage

This beautiful art deco building is hard to miss. The store is bright and spacious, with a great curation of high-end vintage pieces at affordable prices. If you are a fan of denim, you are in luck as they have a wall dedicated to Levi’s jeans. The style of the clothing is more formal compared to the casual streetwear of Wonder and Jueves, so be sure to check it out if you are in need of something nice to wear out dancing this weekend!


Make sure to have plenty of time to browse when visiting Mosaico, as this vintage heaven is filled to the brim with amazing items. They have styles for everyone, and plenty of vintage jumpers for the coming autumn months. They have great prices, with the majority of items under €20. They also often have sales, with prices drops being over 50%, with items dropping to €1 on the final day of the sale!

We wish you luck in finding some amazing pieces on your vintage hunt! If you liked this post have a look to this ‘sustainable’ article.

Photographer & Content Writer: Kate Glennon