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Sports Training Internship


This month we had the opportunity to host two sports groups which were participating in many  activities at the Cartuja Sport Centre. The students had a great time trying out various sports as well as participating in their football training in the basking sun. Here is some more information about their two weeks in Seville.

A group of 24 students from the Volenti Football Academy arrived on the 22nd of May. They were here to train, as well as undertake a Sports Business Study project. 


On the same day, a group of 18 Leicester College students, arrived in Seville to carry out a mixed sport training placement. 


Padel Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Spain. The game play is very similar to the one of tennis, but some specifics differ from the original game. The college students had the opportunity to try out the sport and compete against each other. 


Another activity the students were able to participate in was golf. With their instructor Gabriel, they were able to enjoy different golf mini games to practice their grip, swing and shots. Golf is a very popular sport in the UK, so it’s a good practice for the students. With a basic grasp of how to play, they will be able to enjoy a round of golf at home.


Participants had the opportunity to access the rowing and kayaking equipment provided by a local rowing club located right at the Guadalquivir River. The weather was beautiful for the whole duration of the water activities, in contrast to the typically rainy conditions in the UK.


The groups have experienced multiple sporting events that make up athletics, some of which were running, throwing, hurdling, and many others. 

The Cartuja Sport Center includes a dedicated space with excellent equipment for athletic activities. The exercises allowed all of the students to push their physical and mental boundaries and engage in friendly competition. They have excelled in a variety of traits, including resilience, organisation, and teamwork. 


One of the most popular sports in the world is football. Particularly in Spain, the sport is immensely popular and is often treated as a weekend family pastime. The Volenti group was able to practice every day while being closely supervised by a professional coach, since they intend to play professional football one day.

In addition to participating in sports activities, the students visited a variety of tourist destinations across Seville to learn more about Spanish culture. These destinations include the Alcazar Palace, Setas de Sevilla, both of the city’s football stadiums, and even a day excursion to the beach.

Content Writer & Photographer: Veronica Zdybel
Videographer: Alyssa Fleming