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Sustainable Fashion


Want to do support sustainable fashion designers, or create your own clothes during your time in Seville? Check out these local businesses…

Is Diaz Rosado

This local business in Seville puts climate at the forefront of its creations. The business cards and bags all include seeds, which encourage you to grow something along with each purchase you make. Inside the bags is a QR code, when scanned it will tell how the bag was made and the materials used, to ensure you are buying a sustainable and fairly made product.

This is an excellent option for shopping while being climate-friendly and getting some seeds for your garden too!

The Printed Rabbit

Have you ever wanted to make unique prints on your own clothing? Lucky for you The Printed Rabbit runs workshops where you can do just that.

Alongside being a store where she sells her beautiful one of a kind hand printed products made with locally sourced materials, the owner also runs workshops where you can print on your old clothes giving them a new life! You can partake in a group workshop or if you have friends who are also interested, you can have an exclusive four-person workshop with the owner where you choose what to print.

This is a great, sustainable and unique day to spend in Seville and you leave with a one-of-a-kind piece. 


This unique store close to La Macarena handmakes beautiful custom outfits. They also run training programmes to learn to sew your own outfits. If you would just like to shop, the store is open and stocks readymade pieces for sale!

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Photographer & Content Writer: Kate Glennon