The best places in La Macarena

Caótica Café

Seville has one of the highest ratios of bars to people so it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to choose somewhere good to eat and go for a drink.  Here we have created a list of great options for all occasions including plenty of veggie options, all located within a 20 minute walk of La Macarena.

Breakfast and coffee

Kok Tu Cocina Brunch

  • Café Otto – a great spot for breakfast where you can find a rare large coffee near La Alameda.
  • Café Hércules – also near La Alameda, at this popular café you can choose your preferred bread and a selection of toppings for a traditional Spanish breakfast.
  • Caotica café – this café is further south of La Alameda so will take a little longer to get to, but it makes a great workspace as it’s hidden in a bookshop.
  • KÖK Tu Cocina – this spot has some great vegetarian options for a brunch date, it’s a 15-minute walk from the Macarena Hospital (See the picture of one of their delicious brunchs)
  • Kiosco De Calentitos Macarena – great if you’re craving some churros in the morning, next to the Basilica de la Macarena.

Lunch and dinner

Casaplata Sevilla

  • Perro Viejo – a good spot for typical Spanish cuisine, located just south of the Alameda, 20-minute walk from the hospital.
  • Al Solito Posto – this is a great spot if you fancy some Italian food, but be warned, you will need to make a reservation!
  • Casaplata – here, they serve typical Andalusian food, also south of the Alameda, 20-minute walk from the hospital.
  • Duo Tapas Bar – you can find this place at the top of the Alameda; they serve modern tapas with plenty of veggie options.
  • Antojo – tapas bar with some twists on Spanish classics, close to la Alameda.
  • Arte y Sabor – this little restaurant has good tapas with plenty of veggie/vegan options, you can find it in the Alameda.
  • El Enano Verde – this restaurant specialises in vegetarian and vegan food, it’s not far from the Alameda.
  • Arroz Blanco – if you want to spend an evening away from la Alameda, you could try this Peruvian restaurant in La Macarena.
  • El Lerele – this small restaurant is great if you’re after some contemporary traditional food.
  • El Arepazo – this restaurant is located in La Macarena, it serves great Venezuelan food at great price


Hops and Dreams Sevilla

  • Café central – great for casual drinks in the Alameda.
  • Hops and Dreams – if you’re into craft beers this is a great spot to try, in the Alameda.
  • Bodega la Aurora – if you want to try some Spanish wine, this bar is great, and it’s also near the Alameda.


Going out

If you are planning a night out, you should try these three clubs, as they are very close to accommodation in La Macarena and are all located on the same street.  Normally, they have free entry and offer cheap drinks as well as regularly hosting events and performances.

Sala X Sevilla

  • Sala X, Sala La Calle, Sala Even – in La Macarena, normally free entry and regular events.
  • Obbio by Holiday – close to the Alameda, good for cocktails.
  • Fun club – this is a busy local spot with cheap beer and good music.
  • Malandar – this club by the river is often open late hosting local events.
  • Vinilo – if you’re more into rock music, this bar in the Alameda is a great option.

Hopefully this guide has given you a few suggestions for your next coffee date or evening out. For more suggestions, of local places to go, take a look at this video!

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