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Places to know: Macarena


When you’ve been in Seville for a couple of weeks you will probably start to feel more settled and you will be getting more familiar with your surroundings, however, there are some important places you should know about.  We have created a list of all the places you should know about, to become a Macarena local!

Food shopping

One of the most important tasks is finding your local supermarket and knowing all of your options for price, variety and distance so make sure you take some time to explore all of your options around your accommodation.

In La Macarena, Lidl, Dia and Mercadona are all local supermarkets close to accommodation and offer good value produce.  In addition, El Jamon is central to the Macarena but is more expensive and smaller than the other options. 

Many locals buy their fruit and veg from independent greengrocers or markets instead of supermarkets for fresher and cheaper produce.   These shops give you a great opportunity to practise your Spanish speaking skills and get to know the locals!  Look out for these shops around your accommodation or visit the Mercado de Feria where they have a wide variety of fish, fruit and vegetables. Open 8-12 am Mon-Sat.

If you’re after some international ingredients, especially to make Asian dishes, you could try heading to CarreFour, which is slightly further away but has a good selection of ingredients.  Alternatively, you could try shopping at Hiperoriente II, an Asian supermarket in the city.


Although Seville doesn’t have a beach, there are plenty of green spaces around the city to relax.  In La Macarena, you could visit Parque De Los Perdigones, a pretty park with a fountain, not far from the Basilica de la Macarena.  Or if you wanted to go for a long walk or bike ride around the lakes, you could try Parque Del Alamillo.  Alternatively, you could relax by the river, a short walk from La Macarena.


You might struggle to find a gym or swimming pool in Sevilla, however, you could try Gym Santa Justa or Forus Gym?  In addition, you could contact EnTreeNate who run workout classes in the mornings and evenings in parks around Sevilla.  Or, you could do as the locals do and run by the river when it is cooler in the evening or use exercise equipment in the parks.

Watch our video below about places to shop and work out:


There are plenty of places around Sevilla which won’t accept card, so it’s a good idea to keep some cash on you. You will likely be able to spot plenty of banks around the city to withdraw cash, however, the most convenient ones in La Macarena are the Santander and CaxiaBank located opposite the hospital on Calle Dr. Marañón.  Don’t be surprised if you’re charged for withdrawing money, that’s normal in Spain.


You will find many pharmacies located around La Macarena, which are good to visit for basic advice or general illnesses. Farmacia Mena Dos, located next to the hospital is open every day from 9:30-22:00.  If you need to go to a doctor, you will need to register at a local surgery.  You can find more information about this in your welcome pack.  In an emergency for a serious injury, you can visit the hospital, located in the centre of La Macarena.

Bus stops

Buses are a great way to get around the city, especially to avoid being on your feet all day! There are plenty of stops situated around La Macarena, but many bus routes stop either at the crossroads at Calle Dr. Fedriani and Calle Dr. Marañón or at the front of the parliament building, both a short walk from accommodation in La Macarena.

Watch our video about other amenities around La Macarena:

Clothes shopping

You might find some smaller, off-brand stores dotted around La Macarena, but to access the main shops you should head into the city centre where there are lots of great options for clothes shopping, especially for big brands.  You will find lots of places on Calle Sierpes and Calle Tetuan or in the Centro Comercial Torre Sevilla. 

Hopefully, this guide has will help you get to know your new home a little better.  Your welcome pack will have further information about these and more practical advice.   If you want some great places to eat and drink, check out our La Macarena guide of restaurants and bars.

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