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Tips: Photographing Seville


During your stay in Seville we assume you will want to take photos of the beautiful city, yourself and friends for memories. Taking photos may even be one of the roles required during your placement. So today we bring you some tips for getting amazing photos here in Seville that stand out from the rest!


Seville is blessed with a beautiful sunny climate, so make the most of this incredible natural light. The best time to photograph is the morning or the evening, when the sun is low in the sky. During the day the sun is high and casts harsh, unflattering shadows. So shoot in the evening for that soft glowy look during golden hour.

Colours and Texture

Around each corner you turn there is an interesting design, architecture and style. Minimalism does not come to mind when you think of Seville! So consider how to make the most of this bright blooming palette. Try photographing your friend in a colourful dress in front of a contrasting coloured mural to make it pop. Or using the structural design of The Setas as a backdrop for a great headshot. If you want to capture memories with the beautiful moorish designs and tiles across Seville, wear white. This will make the subject pop while also letting the true beauty of the designs stand out without distraction.

The Hidden Gems

When researching Seville, you probably saw many photos of The Plaza de Espana. If you feel uninspired by photographing the main attractions, try to find some hidden gems to photograph instead and capture them in your own style. This could be a great local coffee shop with beautiful light, or one of Seville’s many beautiful churches or traditional homes.

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Photographer & Content Writer: Kate Glennon