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Welcome to Seville!


Welcome to Seville! We hope you had a good first week and are looking forward to the next three months. We have created this guide to make sure settling down in your new destination is easier and less stressful.


If you are looking for affordable homeware near La Macarena, we know just the right place. A local market Bazar El Dragon Volador has a stock of different supplies that might come in handy in the next few months. For instance, lunchboxes, towels, stationary and bedding are all available at a reasonable price. 

There are also  several retailers in the city centre, including Ikea, Muy Mucho, Zara Home and many more, if you choose to select higherquality goods. For more information click here.


Getting around Seville couldn’t be easier. While everything is relatively close to the city centre, it’s a good idea to get a bus card which will make your journeys cheaper and easier. The lowest amount that can be added to the card is 7 euro and it can be purchased at any Tabacos Shops. Bus routes take you right around the entire city and it’s definitely the best option for getting home late after a night out. 

If you prefer to get a bike, you can read our previous blog post about Cycling in Seville here. This will help you determine which option fits your needs.

Social Media

To keep you up to date with events happening around the city, ideas for day trips and learn more about the experience of some of our past participants we highly advise following our instagram account which can be found here.

Additionally, you can expect a weekly newsletter with recommendations of cultural events happening around the city, local food and many more. Don’t forget to check your inboxes! If you’re struggling to find our newsletter make sure to check the spam folder or contact us directly and we’ll sort it out. 

Take a look at our previous blogs which mention various interesting topics and tips on travel, photography and daily life.  In the next few weeks, we will be carrying out interviews and taking pictures at your work placements  to learn more about your experience. We hope you will help us in the process. See you soon!

Photographer & Content Writer: Veronica Zdybel