What to do in your first week of your Erasmus internship


Your first week as an Erasmus+ Intern in Seville is an exciting time but also might feel a little daunting as there are lots of new things to adjust to and explore.  To help you out, here is your guide to navigating your first week in Seville.

Be Social!

You probably won’t be working as soon as you arrive so it’s a good idea to use this free time in your first week to get to know your fellow Erasmus students, even if you’re tired and your bed is calling you, this is the best time to make friends.  You could find a local bar, order some caña’s, and start practising your Spanish!  It will make it easier to adjust to a different culture with new friends around and the rest of your time in Seville will be more fun.  If you’re struggling to meet people, look out for Erasmus parties on social media.

Explore your local area

You will probably be shown around your local area when you arrive, when you do, make sure to ask your guide any questions you have and make a note of the places you might need to visit so you can find them easily when you’re exploring on your own.  Your guide will probably have plenty of recommendations for good value cafés and restaurants.  But don’t feel pressured to try everything immediately, you have plenty of time to try lots of new places in the coming months.

Suss out the shopsFruit

At some point, you will need to go food shopping, and your first week is a great time to explore the local shops. Although it’s easy to gravitate towards familiar chains or your closest option, have a look around a few local supermarkets in your area and independent greengrocers and butchers too, as you can find some great prices and a larger selection.  Also, don’t expect the supermarkets here to have the all same ingredients you would find at home, you may need to adjust your recipes from home, or maybe try cooking an authentic Spanish dish with your new flatmates?

Explore your new city!

SevilleYou will probably be really excited to explore the city and start visiting some of the sights.  If you have some free time, it’s a good idea to start visiting some of the main attractions.  Not only will this help to familiarise yourself with the city and culture, but you will also get an idea of where you are in relation to the key attractions and the size of the city. Try visiting Las Setas (The Mushrooms), the Guadalquivir River, and the Basilica de la Macarena to help you get your bearings.

Find your commute

It is likely that you will be starting work in your first week, so you can prepare by finding the best way to get to work.  There are plenty of ways to travel around the city, you might choose to cycle, take a bus, walk, or a combination of these.  These will differ in price and length of travel so it’s worth doing a bit of research in your first week to find the commute that suits you.  You could start using your commute options to explore the city so you’re familiar with it by the time you travel to work.  It might take some time to find the commute that works best, and it might not always go to plan, but don’t panic if you arrive a little late on your first day because your bus didn’t come, your employer will be understanding!


You will probably be meeting your employer in your first week too, so don’t forget to be professional.  Finally, take it easy.  It can take a while to adjust to a new culture so, go slowly, observe, make yourself feel at home, don’t be afraid to ask people, and enjoy living the local life!