3Si | Third Sector International
Sport & Leisure

Seville is renowned for its sports and plays a significant role in hosting international competitive events. The city also has numerous state of the art facilities covering a multitude of different types of sports. Popular activities include football, rowing, cycling, padel, canoeing and equestrianism. 3Si offers vocational placement opportunities within sports, activity centres and specialised group tours throughout the city.

We can provide tailor-made opportunities in the field of sports, including sports education and training camps.  

What to expect

  • Professional mentoring by skilled instructors
  • Experience a new perspective in your chosen sport
  • Learn a foreign language through sport
  • Promote teamwork and respect within sport, which develops key life skills
  • Use of sporting values as an educational tool
"I did Sports & Spanish at Bhasvic and this has taught me that I can use my Spanish with real people instead of just reading off the paper - I'm loving it"
Kirsty Gambetta
Kayak Sevilla